Mitchell Tenpenny drops video for “Breaking My Heart”

Mitchell Tenpenny attends the 2019 CMT Music Awards at Bridgestone Arena on June 5^ 2019 in Nashville^ Tennessee.

Mitchell Tenpenny has shared the video for his new song, “Breaking My Heart,” the first new release following Mitchell’s 2022 album, This Is The Heavy which features his latest top 10 single, “We Got History.”

Mitchell co-wrote “Breaking My Heart” along with Ashley Gorley, Chase McGill and Jordan Schmidt. Says Tenpenny: “‘Breaking My Heart’ was written about going through a break up and trying to get your ex off your mind. You keep trying to do things and go different places but it seems like every single thing reminds you of them. I remember once during a break up, I kept seeing her specific car (make, model, and color) all the time. They were just driving around me every day. I couldn’t escape it. So that concept was what I thought about when I came up with the idea for this song.”

Take a look at the video for “Breaking My Heart” – here.

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